CPU Usage of Alitronika's Modulator devices.

Alitronika's range of products in particular the modulator devices are 100% hardware based devices.
As a result there is little or no load on the CPU during their operation, the CPU occupancy could actually be 0%.
All the modulation is done in the hardware leaving the CPU resources to be used entirely for user application software.
This low CPU occupancy also allows many devices to be used in the same PC.
This CPU usage compares well with 33% or more used by half software/ half hardware based modulators offered by other vendors at much higher prices.
Many of our customers use 3 ( limit of PC slots in a standard PC ) or 5 ( limit of PCI slots in an industrial PC ) PCI based devices in one PC.
For USB, the number of devices which could be operated by one PC is only limited by the bandwidth of USB bus and the through output of the Harddisk.
As an example the AT2780USB, DVB-T/H/C Modulator, is used with a PC which is not particularly fast to demonstrate the CPU usage.
The Screen shot below shows the CPU usage of AT2780USB while playing a Transport Stream file from the harddisk.
The PC used was  a Pentium 4.3 GHz based PC with 1GBytes internal RAM  under Windows XP operating system.
The CPU usage is 1% to 2% with maximum of 2%.


The Screen shot below shows the CPU usage of AT2780USB device in the pass through ( Record ) mode.
The Transport Stream for modulation comes from an external source via the DVB-ASI or DVB-SPI inputs ( in this example from DVB-ASI, Serial ).
Here the CPU usage is always 0% since the application software does not carry out any work.