How does the support for DVB-T2 modulation by AT2780PCI all work ?

1- The problem

To start with what is the problem with DVB-T2 modulation ? It has a lot of processes and needs a lot of memory.

One solution is to carry out some of the processes needed by a simple software to convert the TS files into vector files.

The software, a Vector file genrator, basically carries out some the processes which require most of the extra memory.

The resulting file is no longer a normal TS file, but a Vector file with much higher bitrate.

A very good & economical solution, but :

- Modulating from TS coming from external source via DVB-ASI/SPI is no longer possible.

- All TS files to be modulated first must be converted to Vector files. 

2- New devices with DVB-T2 modulation option

All new AT2780PCI devices with DVB-T2 option come READY-TO-USE with a LICENSE file & a DONGLE.

The LICENSE file is to enable the the DVB-T2 modulation function and the DONGLE to allow the use of the

the vector file genrator software to operate.

The user gets an extra DEVICE SELECTION option when starting DVSStation3

( Please download it from here  )

Once selected, the AT2780PCI just operates as normal if the user already has converted files.

Notice the selected file is the same ( .ts ) file as normal. DVSStation3 will use the ( .vec ) version in DVB-T2 mode.

Also notice there is an additional function in the " Goodies" section.

This function, T2 File Gen., allows the user to convert a ( .ts ) file into a ( .vec ) file

If the user already has not converted file he is about to play, then DVSStation3, will ask the user to do so.

In any case, the user can always activate the T2 File Generation at any time by clicking on the "T2 File Gen" button.

The user will then gets the following screen:


The user must first select to TS file to be converted to Vector file by going to "TS Interface " tab.

By clicking on " File...." button the user is then directed to where the Transport Streams are stored.

A Transport Stream must be selected & click on "Open".

Before the T2 Vector file generation starts, the user must go to the "Modulator Settings" and set all the parameters.

This process is no different from other modulation schemes such as DVB-C, DVB-S, DVB-T ans son on.

The oly difference is, DVB-T2 has much more complex selection to be made. A lot of combinations are not permitted by the DVB-T2 standards.

This has nothing to do with our software, modulator or Alitronika !

The use must consult the DVB-T2 standards to be able to select the correct parameters.

After all parameters are correctly selected, the user can then starts the file generation by clicking on "GENERATE" button.

The Vector File gereration then starts. The progress bar will show the conversion process.

The duration of this process depends on the TS file as well the modulation parameters an can take a few minutes.  

Once the the vector file is fully generated, the following message will be shown.

The generated file will automatically be placed in the same folder as the TS file with the same name. The use can check the generated ( .vec ) file.

Changing the name or the loction makes the file unplayable by DVSStation3 in DVB-T2 modulation mode. So do not do it !

The user can now go ahead and play ( modulate ) the file.

Again, remember : Just select the actual TS file by DVSStation3 and not the Vector file.

Needless to say the same parameters set in the Vectory File Generation application, such as RF Frequency & Bandwidth must be set in

the Modulation Setting section of the main application, DVSStation3.

3- How to add support DVB-T2 modulation option to AT2780PCI devices already in use.

DVSStation3 allows the selection of DVB-T2 modulation mode for in use AT2780PCI, just the same way as new devices, but for about less than 1 minute.

This is an "Evaluation Period " during which DVSSTation3 shows you what you are missing!

After that it comes up with the following screen

and this message appears

At this stage the users must not panic instead they just follow the instruction by going to " Modulator Dialog" and reading the devices's serial number.

The following screen appears:

The user should make a note of this number and send it to Alitronika or the local distributor.

A license file will be issued. The user must then copy the file to the following location:

Then the happy days are back here again and the user can enjoy the full pleasure of DVB-T2 modulation.