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Alitronika manufactures all things to do with digital video interfacing!
Alitronika Digital Video Systems offers high quality digital video interfacing products as development tools for digital video professionals and OEM products at competitive prices. Alitronika's range of function-rich PCI, USB & IP based DVB adaptors include user friendly, FREE Application Software. DVSStation3/4/IP Transport Stream Player, Recorder with integrated TS Analyser. Interfacing products include: DVB-S2X, DVB-S2/S, DVB-DSNG, DVB-T2/T/H, ATSC-8VSB, DVB-C, ISDB-T, DVB-ASI/SPI. The functions include: DVB Adaptors, Converters, Players, Recorders, Modulators, De-modulators, Analyzers as well as SDI( SMPTE ) Players & Recorders.

Alitronika's TS over IP devices, the key to the Cloud

New Products:
Alitronika a range of IP based Products. These include:
AT60IP (DVB-S2/S to IP)
AT88IP (DVB-T2/T/C to IP)

Alitronika offers an extensive range of PCI, USB & IP based Modulators & Up-converters with both RF and IF outputs capable of modulating from TS files from Harddisk or from an TS from external DVB-ASI/SPI or IP source

  Application Software:
Alitronika offers the most complete Integrated Transport Stream Player, Recorder, Analyzer software. DVSStation3/4/IP has many functions & features and it is provided FREE of charge with every Alitronika's products.
Customer Service
If you have any technical question when using any of our products, please email us at

We also provide several types of custom service to fit your needs. We can customize most of our products to fit your requirements or come up with a solution for your application. 

For ordering or information about our distributors in your area, please email us at
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