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The AT278USB, is a full function, multi-standard DVB-T/H/C & ATSC-8VSB modulator & up-converter, with both IF & RF outputs. It is capable of modulating Transport Stream from files on the Harddisk of PC/Laptop or from an external DVB-ASI source. It is the smallest modulator device you could find anywhere. It hardly needs any power ( less than 4 Watts ) but it can deliver output RF of from -50dBm up to -15dBm, enough for almost all applications. Using less than 2% CPU when playing TS from the Harddisk and 0% when the TS is coming from an external source, it is ideal for any application. Use it in the lab. or at trade shows or take it around to your customers to demonstrate your own products. You no longer need to worry about carrying a 19" modulator or a PCI based modulator card inside a large PC. The specification of this device is identical to our other modulator devices such as AT2780USB/PCI. 

For more information please refer to the AT278USB page on our website. More...

The DVB-S/S2 Modulator version is the AT290USB, a full function DVB-S/S2 & DVB-DSNG modulator. The specification of this device is identical to our other modulator devices such as AT2900USB/PCI. 

For more information please refer to the AT290USB page on our website. More...




iMod provides both RF & IF outputs and a DVB-ASI input for recording Transport Streams as well modulating from an external DVB-ASI source such as DVB-ASI output of AT600/AT660/AT700/AT800PCI/USB & AT60X/AT70X/AT72X/AT80XUSB de-modulator devices. All of these devices have DVB-T2, DVB-T, DVB-S2, DVB-S or DVB-C to DVB-ASI conversion function, hence allowing all sorts of Trans-modulations using these de-modulator  devices together with an iMod. Our application software already has a DVB to IP conversion feature. We will also add the IP to DVB converter feature to enable all kind of De-modulation, Conversions, Trans-modulation & of course Modulation.


With iMod you no longer need to worry about the size, weight, noise, power consumption and the heat it generates, the difficulty of operating the unit from a small LCD with a few buttons and not forgetting the cost these big noisy metal monsters. 



With iMod you no longer need a large PC to place the PCI based modulator cards from to achieve DVB-T/H/ & ATSC modulations. Some suppliers are offering a PCI modulator card inside a 19" case industrial PC as so called DVB-H signal generators/TS Player. Can you imagine trying to send a DVB-H signal to a Mobile phone with such a " not so mobile " arrangements. In fact as it can be seen from the picture below 52 units of iMod are needed to match the size of a standard PC!. All software based PCI modulators use up as much as 30% of CPU power. At  best only one modulator could be used with a PC at a time. iMod allows you to use as many modulators per PC as you wish so you could really modulate every which way you wish.



iMod is just bigger than your normal mobile phone and as easy to carry around. Only it has a much more robust enclosure to take all knocks & shocks a mobile unit may be subjected to. It is small enough to fit inside the carrying case of your Laptop or even your pocket. Ok may be a very big or empty pocket ! 



iMod and a Laptop with Alitronika's trusted application software, DVSStation3, always FREE of charge, are all you need for every situation, in the lab. during development,  at the factory during testing, at the customer while demonstrating your product, be it hardware or software products, at trade shows or even taking it home with you !. The low cast of these devices allows every developer, engineer, tester and system integrator to have a unit of his/her own, just like a multi-meter or a mobile phone.



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